Thursday, February 02, 2012

Digital TV: Ginga intensifies impasse between industry and government

TVS manufacturers insist that the percentage of TVs with the required software interactivity stay only 10% this year. They also plead that the rule comes into force only from October. As president of the Eletros, Lourival Kiçula, the tests are being conducted to evaluate the functioning of the Ginga only end on September 30. The position advocated by the industry is quite distinct from the table placed by the representatives of government and, now, the standoff intensifies.
This is because the government wants to establish the following rules for granting the Basic Productive Process for TVs with Ginga: In 2012, would be 30% of digital televisions. For 2013, this percentage would rise to 60% of televisions manufactured and, in 2014, the government expects 90% of TVs come already made with the Ginga built. These indices would already be well below the originally stipulated in the public consultation - 75% in 2012.
In this Wednesday, 01/02, President Eletros, Lourival Kiçula, had a meeting with the Minister of Communications, Paul Bernardo. And the proposal is even smaller than put the table in recent meetings. Manufacturers want to include the Ginga from October in 10% of TVs connected, ie, in devices that are ready to receive the digital signal. The percentage rises to 50% next year and 95% in 2014, the year of the World Cup. Until then, manufacturers have talked about 20%.

There are plenty of arguments by industry to delay the use of Ginga. According to power, the digital signal is not present in all Brazilian municipalities. "Today 48% of the population receive the digital signal. It is harmless to 100% [the inclusion of Ginga], charge a penny more than those who do not receive the signal, "said Kiçula. He said the inclusion of software will become more expensive at about $ 200 the price of handsets.
President Eletros avoided clashing with the government, but did not rule out going to court to defend the interests of TV manufacturers. "If the system (Ginga) is not approved, we can not do, and companies may be forced to stop production because they are not fulfilling the PPB," he said as he left the visit with the Minister Paulo Bernardo.
Government officials gave for granted the issue of the ordinance with the new rules of the Basic Productive Process for televisions with Ginga for the end of January. But the ordinance, according to the standoff between manufacturers and government, ended up not being published.

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