Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oi: Rules of the auction 4G yet to become very clear

The president of Oi, Francisco Valim, commemorates the adoption of corporate restructuring, which led to the creation of the Oi SA restructuring will generate gainsof around $ 100 million per year in operating synergies and simplifications. "It wasa landmark. Long it had been dragging," he maintained. Investment and recovery of market share, especially in mobile telephony and pay TV, ensured that the executive are strategic priorities.

"We are an incumbent in fixed telephony, mobile business but we were the lastoperator to enter the business and we already have, for example, 20% of the market of São Paulo, the largest in the country. We have much to do, especially in the region of Brazil Telecom, built by us, but we are attacking this market, as well as on pay TV, where we have 3% market share. we come not to be outdone by any other in competitiveness, "he said Valim, held a teleconference on Monday , 27/02,to explain to the press, the corporate restructuring of Oi.

Asked about the auction of 4G - whether or not to participate Oi - Valim, which is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​took a similar posture to that of rival TIMpresident Luca LucianiAs president of the Oi, the rules that are in the market arefor public consultationAre not yet definitive.

"We gave our contribution to public consultation and we will await the final rulesI have no doubt that the 4G is the futurebut what will be our participation in the auction this track is still subject to the rules will be published," he said. And about his presence in BarcelonaValim said"Brazil is fashionable. Everyone talks aboutinvestments in the country here." The amount to be contributed in the country in 2012 should be known in mid-April, when the Oi does the Investor Day.

On Monday27/02Oi shareholders approved the proposed reorganization of the company, which provides for the merger of shares of Telemar Norte Leste(Telemar), and the merger of Coari and Tele Norte Leste Participacoes (TNE) byBrazil Telecom SASA renamed Oi With the decisionthere will be only onecompany listed on stock exchanges in Brazil (BMF & BOVESPAand abroad(New York Stock Exchange - NYSE).

The reorganization was considered a 'landmark' by Francisco Valim"We finisheda step that had dragged on for too long," celebrated. Oi Asked if he would go toNew MarketValim preferred to leave the matter for further ahead.

According to the chief financial officer Oi, Alex Zornigwill be issued 395,585,453new ordinary shares and 798,480,405 preferred shares of the new Oi SA, passing the company's subscribed capital, fully paidto R $ 6,816,467,847.01divided into599,008,629 common shares and 1,198,077,775 preferred shares, all nominativeand without par value.

The shares of TelemarBrasil Telecom and TNL will continue to trade under thecode TMAR3TMAR5TMAR6TNLP3, TNLP4and BRTO3 BRTO4, respectively,at least until the end of the withdrawal and determination of the right of withdrawalwhen Oi group companies disclose a statement to the market with the result of thedetermination of the right of withdrawal and the date of commencement of tradingof the common and preferred shares of Oi SA codes and OIBR3 OIBR4Is predicted that this period lasts about 30 days.

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