Friday, February 17, 2012

SindiTelebrasil: State laws prevent 4G network before the World Cup in 2014

The SindiTelebrasil warning that mobile operators have no way to install the 4G network in the country until 2014, when the FIFA World Cup, if the government fails to adopt a procedure to standardize the state laws dealing with the deployment of infrastructure and environmental.

The warning was given by the director of SindiTelebrasil, Eduardo Levy, attending bedate with tegrantes in government at the Seminar on Telecommunications and ICT Policy, sponsored by Converge Communication in Brasilia.

To have a small problem indéia in Brasilia, operators are forced to wait eight months to receive permission to install a cellular antenna tower. According to Levy, the country would now 264 state and local laws - each with its own peculiarity.

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