Thursday, February 02, 2012

Oi uses cloud computing to compete for corporate clients

The Oi want to use cloud computing to reshape his performance in the corporate market. And to to compete with titans like Amazon, Google and others are already working in this area, bet on the differential operator services: The maintenance of a local team to support.

In offering the service, called Smart Cloud, and that business will go on sale on February 7, use the Oi its eight data centers in the country to sell IaaS. In a second step, this year, tele communication services will be unified in the cloud. Investments were approximately $ 30 million.

Officially, Oi is the first telecom operator to sell commercially cloud services in the country. Telefónica companies have products, but not yet brought them together in an umbrella official cloud computing. The Director of Corporate Business Unit Oi, Mauricio Vergani, admits that cloud is, yes, the backbone of an entire restructuring process in the sale of business services.

"We did a whole reestruuturação in order to sell services and no longer only basic telecom infrastructure. This is a challenge because we have to bring together experts in projects in local area networks, integration, etc.", stated the executive, on Wednesday , 01/02, Smart Cloud when the service was officially presented to the press, the state capital.

Initial target of the Hi are about 15 000 companies - among large and midsize enterprises, many of them even have customers aware of the Hi and strong competition in this sector - Amazon has come to the country, and other players like GlobalWeb, Locaweb, TIVIT, among others, are also investing in data center services - to invest Oi, curiously, into an item that on the consumer is being strongly questioned - the quality of service.

"Cloud Computing requires that risks are mitigated. Our datacenters are connected to the backbone of communication.'ve Eliminated an important step. In addition, we support local teams. Our international rivals do not have it," argued Vergani.

In this first phase, the cloud services available in Oi are, among others, telepresence, backup, mobile device management, management of LAN / WLAN. The acting in the area of ​​M2M - machine to machine communication - is also considered strategic. "This market will grow significantly in the country this year," says the executive of the Business Oi.

Additional phases are planned for the provision of cloud. The next to be deployed in Oi - still in 2012 - is offering, through cloud, in the form of services, collaboration and unified communication. The third step - the provision of applications - with a bias toward small and medium enterprises will be further ahead. "We want to consolidate and invest in IaaS services in the area that have a strong grasp which is communication," said Vergani.

To create the Smart Cloud, the Oi invested about $ 30 million to buy servers, hardware and building the service platform, the operator between the partners are companies like VMware, the virtualization, EMC and major hardware manufacturers .

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