Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TIM criticizes government participation and holds suspense in the auction 4G

In financial results teleconference 2011, held on Thursday, 16;/ 02, President of TIMBrazil, Luca Luciani, was cautious when talking about participation in the auction of4G carrier, scheduled now for the government to the month of May.

According to him, as edict is still in public consultation - it runs until February 26 - 'lacks clarity and is very difficult to talk about it, "when asked if the tele would participate in the contest. And on non-participation in the TIM auction, Luciani said, even fairly conservative, said that "this possibility could not be excluded if the conditions do not follow the cost of capital"

Luciani did not conceal the need for tele more spectrum for increasing the supply ofservices, especially broadband, but maintained the critical tone of the modeldesigned by the government - last year, TIM was the operator who stood up and said the auction could be postponed to monetize investments in 3G network.

Present at the meeting, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Mario Girasole, said there are problems to be solved. He said they are dealing with a range - the 2.5 GHzwhich has the ability to charge coverage, which is a "misconception that must be overcome. '

Also complained of linking the range of 450 Mhz "This band is not standardized by 3GPP and the government could do using the universal contingent resources from the sectorial funds and does not impose obligations on operators," he said.

And, as has been steady, there was recovery on the definition of use of the 700 MHz band, considered ideal for the provision of mobile broadband, and that is the scene of a battle between the telcos and broadcasters. This week, the president of Anatel,John Rao, revealed that the subject of debates on the table come only in 2013, after the sale of frequencies 2.5 GHz and 450 MHz

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