Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wi-Fi: Oi release access in the south area of Rio and Salvador

In its strategy to make Wi-Fi as a strategic asset - announced in October last yearwhen there was a merger of Vex - a Hi advises that installed more than 500 hotspotsinstalled (in addition to the VEX network) in indoor and outdoor, in threeneighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro (Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana). And tospread the use during the summer, is offering free and unlimited access to the Internet in the outer points of the coast, tourists from Brazil and abroad, the company's customers or other operators.

Tele reports that in five weeks of the pilot WiFi Oi, there was an increase of 400% in the number of unique users, 2,000% of sessions in Internet access and 450% in data traffic, the access point and the edge . Hi All WiFi network - which includes coverageon the edge, streets, airports and shops - has an approximate total of 2,100 access points and posted in the last month of January, about 518,000 unique users, 740,000sessions Internet access and a traffic volume data from 31 000 Gbytes.

To meet the huge influx of tourists from Brazil and abroad, in the City of Rio de Janeiro, and other visitors to the shores of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana, during the summer, Hi offers unlimited free access for customers any operator, withequipment that have wi-fi access points external to the March 31, via the networkWiFi Oi

Already in the internal pointsimplemented in partnership with FON and available at most restaurants, bars, cafes and salons of these neighborhoods, the service isgratuitous in the first access of any userfor thirty minutes, via the network WiFi FonOiThe network is available without limit and without cost to customers Oi Velox (from 5 Mbps), Oi Total Account with Oi Velox (from 5 Mbpsand Oi Velox 3G Data (from 2 GB) and Oi Total Internet.

"The company's goal now is to expand network coverage to other areas. The goal is always to ensure the best experience for our customers, "adds RipperThe Oi will expand network coverage to more districts of the city, as BotafogoGavia, Botanical Garden and PondIn addition, the network Oi WiFi will also be implemented in othercapitals.

The next step will be to expand the WiFi Oi to other capitalsThe Savior will beaddressed nextIn the carnival period in which the city receives the most visitors, the service access to the Internet via wi-fi Oi will be available at no cost in the sights ofPelourinho and Barra beachnext to the Lighthouse for visitors from Brazil or abroad.Gratuity is for a limited time. After this period, the network can access freely Oi Velox(from 5 Mbps), Oi Total Account with Velox (from 5 Mbpsand Oi Oi Velox 3G Data(from 2 GBytesTotal Internet and Oi .

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