Friday, February 24, 2012

Social networks take $ 13.9 billion mobile telecom

The increased use of mass instant messaging applications such as Facebook,Twitter and WhatsApp causes more than headache for telecom operators. Theybegin to generate its revenue impact, especially in sales of SMS (text message),reveals Ovum study, released on Wednesday, 22/02.

According to the consultancy, the losses in SMS can reach $ 13.9 billion in 2011.This amount represents about 9% of revenue from the SMS service.

In 2010, according to Ovum, the loss would have been $ 8.7 billion. The SMS services and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are the sources of incomenot linked to the most important voice services to carriers at the time, claimsNeha Dharia, consumer analyst at Ovum.

"Text messages are a recipe very important and people began to reduce its use," says the analyst. Services like Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp use thecellular data connection or a Wi-Fi connection to send messages.

Smartphone users regularly choose to purchase packages with carriers thatalready contains data plans via the internet and their phones have Wi-Fi, so twosimple ways to get around to sending SMS messages.

The supply of services themselves messages begin to emerge as an alternativetelecom. These products are based on the Rich Communication Suite (RCS),which enables IP resources via instant messaging, video, file transfer and other resources for mobile devices.

According to Ovum, the efforts around the RCS are starting to appear on the market, but operators need to hurry, says Dharia, and begin to replace the loss of revenue from SMS and other sources, such as service band broadband.


  1. hi very nice blog and very nice information.Smartphone users regularly choose to purchase packages with carriers thatalready contains data plans via the internet and their phones have Wi-Fi, so twosimple ways to get around to sending SMS messages.

  2. it wouldnt have died until the sms cap was put on. we never wished to move to data services . now tht they have forced us to move to data services cause they only put bars on sms texting by putting sms cappings and making the charge higher...