Friday, February 24, 2012

3G Brazil: Anatel based reviews and retail turns "weapon" in fighting mobile x fixed

In January, the Anatel standardized classification criteria of access and 3G baseaccess via mobile phones reached 19.2% in Brazil. Claro and Oi were mostbenefited by the change in the criteria of the regulatory agency, advises the portalTeleco.

In mobile broadband, TIM, with pre-paid $ 1.99, takes the fight with fixed connections, interrupted on account of the quality of infrastructure connection.Retail chains have seen partners and preferred classes C, D and E below target.

In the review of the Anatel, an increase of 10 million access via 3G mobile phones,reveals the portal Teleco, this Thursday, 23/02. This commonality, and of course Hirecorded higher growth coming, respectively, to 19.5 million hits and 3.9 million3G, and the Oi did not disclose the numbers for January data terminals.

Vivo accounted for, according to Teleco, 11.7 million handsets with 3G access and TIM, 7.9 million. Today, according to data from Teleco, 19.2% of accesses made ​​via cellular network via Third Generation happen. Appliances account for 43.2 million of 50.8 million mobile broadband accesses recorded by Anatel.

Retail turns powerful tool in the fight of mobile x fixed

Have access modems - data terminals - are at 7.6 million but that amount, warnsTeleco, should be even higher since the Oi has not released its numbers in January. And the increased use of 3G, TIM has taken over a fight that had been'relegated' to second place in the last two years, depending mainly on the quality ofnetwork infrastructure - the contest of mobile connection with the setting.

The operator launched the prepaid access to $ 1.99 per day. The target assumes the responsibility for the area of ​​mobile Internet consumption of TIMBruno Marsili,is, yes, residential consumers who do not want to pay for a broadband package or have loyalty contracts.

"This product is not for the consumer who wants to access the Internet dailyIt getseven more expensive if it is so. But he is facing the one you want internet access on SaturdaySundaypublic holiday, when not at work to surf Web access is for those who once, twice at most home not having to pay broadband plans, "Marsilisaid.

To attract this new userthe idea is the same bet on the price of access to andclearance by day, even with limited downloads - 80 MB"I can guarantee thatdelimitante not prevent Internet users watching video, downloading their favorite shows," maintains executive of TIM Brazil. Grant of the modems is out of the strategybut the TIM received a cost of R $ 99.00 with leading vendors, among them Huawei and Wave.

"Prices have fallen a lot of modems and it will come in the package at the time ofpurchase of the first PC, and can be parceled out," says MarsiliIn this section,retail chains emerge as priorities for the strategy's successMarsili names he did not anticipate the networks already closed, but assumes that the Magazine Luiza,for example, will now start selling PCs with modem included TIMOther networksare being negotiated and will sell the product even in the first quarter.

With regard to the quality of service - highly contested by clients at the beginning -Marsili says that TIM has currently 25,000 kilometers of fiber optic-based networkand backhaul and expanded its presence in the localities"The timing is totally differentWe TIM Fiber - who will enter the market - to give us that type ofstrengthening access to PCs and laptops where there is no connection totraditional fixed," he adds.

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