Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Connected devices will generate revenue of R $ 7.6 trillion

Up to the end of this decade, the number of connected equipment shouldincrease from the present 9 billion to 24 billion - half of them mobile - responsible for a worldwide market estimated at $ 4.5 trillion (U.S. $ 7.6 trillion). It indicatesthat the research presented on Monday, 27/2, by the GSM Association andMachina Research, the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

"Today's market is dominated by mobile phones, but that will change with a new wave of smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and M2M devicesconnecting everything from cars to health services and even whole cities," ventures the director of marketing GSMA, Michael O'Hara.

According to the survey, in 2020, revenues from the sale of equipment and services directly or indirectly will be $ 2.5 trillion (U.S. $ 4.2 tri), with $ 1.2 trillion(U.S. $ 2 trillion) for mobile operators. In addition, cost reductions andimprovements in services will account for less direct benefits, but tangibleorganizations, governments and consumers with the evolution of "connected life".

In this case, GSMA and Machina measure such benefits by approximately $ 2 trillion (U.S. $ 3.7 tri): half in cost reductions, as derived from the energy smart meters, half of new services such as remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

The annual world market estimated at $ 4.5 trillion will be concentrated mainly inthe Asia / Pacific ($ 1.6 tri), North America (U.S. $ 1.23 tri) and Europe (U.S. $ 1 ,12 tri). The share of Latin America will be $ 272 billion (U.S. $ 460 billion). Africa, with U.S. $ 114 billion, and the Middle East, with U.S. $ 63 billion, completing the forecasts presented in the MWC.

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