Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Titans unite to combat the power of Google and Apple

The first day of the World Congress of Telephony (Mobile World Congress), held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, until 01 March, shows that there is a great rivalry and a concern of telecom titans of the strong field of Android, the Google, and Apple's operating system in the world of smartphones. An alternative - called the third way -Telefonica, Qualcomm and Mozilla Join Forces to create an operating system to power smartphones with values ​​below $ 100, taking the market potential ofemerging regions, including Latin America.

The new platform combines HTML 5, development of the HTML standard for Web development, and elements of Linux technology. The expectation is that the new system to reach the market until the end of 2012, reveal its developers. CarlosDomingo, director of product development and innovation business unit TelefónicaDigital, assumes that the ultimate goal is to 'fight the duopoly' on the market todayfor mobile operating systems. "We have a product that cost 10 times less than the iPhone, Apple. And besides, it will be a real smartphone," decreed.

The diversity of operating systems has been criticized in recent years bytechnology vendorsUntil recently, Android, Googleloomed as the alternative - several titans participated in their development, but the U.S. company decided to enter the world of terminals - Motorola Mobility bought for $ 12.5 billion and turneda threat in the telecom market. Applewith the 'seduction' of your iPhonehas always been a threat to be counteredsince she never yielded to the modelproposed by telcos profitability.

The new platform sets, yes, pressure on Microsoft, which wants to be among the leaders from the use of Windows Phone by Nokiaand Google. They will need toattract handset makersThe bet is to use HTML5 as a way of attracting application developersand the strong presence of Telefonica in Latin America and Africa,regions where the business focusAnd the Spanish titan promises to go to the market to seek membership of other telcos to the new platform. In Mozilla andQualcomm - which comes with processors based on snapdragon - AmericanAdobe is also collaborating with the alliance in the development of services.

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