Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brazil innovates to bring 4G to 450 Mhz

Bringing broadband to rural and suburban areas across Brazil is a challenge that the technology developed at CPqD is about to expire. To do this, is betting on a new wireless network solution based on fourth-generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) in the range of 450 MHz
Tested successfully on the premises of CPqD, Campinas, this solution was presented on Friday, 24/02, the Minister of Communications, Paul Bernardo, and should be available from the end of 2012. 4G at 450 MHz will be presented at CeBIT 2012 event which takes place 06-10 March in Hannover, Germany.
"LTE is the most advanced technology currently in the area of ​​wireless broadband," says Helio Graciosa, President of the contributing authors - that since 2010, working on the development of 4G mobile networks, a project supported by FUNTTEL (Fund the Technological Development of Telecommunications), Ministry of Communications.
"And the LTE in 450 MHz frequency is a modern solution that offers a number of advantages over current technologies of third generation (3G) for the expansion of broadband in rural and remote areas of the country," he adds. Among them, Graciosa highlights the greater coverage, higher data rates (up to 25 Mbps and 12.5 Mbps on the download upload), lower latency, better performance and all-IP architecture.
The solution CPqD LTE in 450 MHz band is being developed from the standardization of 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), adapted to that frequency range. It consists of several products: antennas, radio frequency devices, split eNodeB and network management system.
All will be available from late 2012 through the WxBR, a Brazilian company for which the CPqD will transfer the technology of product - and that will be responsible for its industrialization and commercialization in the global market.
In the next stages of the project, CPqD also become available technologies LTE gateways to interface with Wi-Fi, external eNodeB, and LTE mobile devices, which give subscribers direct access to the network.

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