Thursday, February 09, 2012

4G networks: differences and benefits

The Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, used the Campus Party in SaoPaulo, to make a series of promises / suggestions involving the Internet and mobile connections. He said that the Government intends to create an internet 0800, ie, you enter the site, but who pays is the company responsible for it.
In the same discourse, said that in 2013 the cities of the Confederations Cup will have Internet 4G (LTE). The following year, the World Cup, the benefit would beextended to more than 500 000 inhabitants. The auction to offer 4G will be held inMay, with the notice being published on April 16, according to Bernardo.
But deep down, you know what the real benefits of the so called 4G networks? LTE(Long Term Evolution) mobile technology is a fourth generation (hence 4G) that prioritizes the transmission of data rather than voice. Result: the Internet faster and more stable. Moreover, once LTE was created, it was not possible to travel on voice.The perfect marriage between the Internet and rapid speech came only recently, with the VoLTE (read more here).
How much better is traffic data? In theory an LTE network reaches 300 Mbps download and 75 Mbps upload. In practice, these numbers are at 100 Mbps(download) and 50 Mbps (upload). But it is not to be disappointed, because now your smartphone can, in theory, and at best, 7.2 Mbps downstream and 348 Kbpsupstream. That is, the LTE is at least 10 times more efficient.
Ah, yes, they are also more stable. 4G networks allow 200 simultaneous accesses(more than double that offered today) and operate safely, even when moving at speeds up to 350 km / h.
For all that, counting the days for the 4G longer promise a reality and turn right.

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