Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lack of standardization to carry the 4G to 450MHz

The verge of the Brazil tender the 450MHz band - which is geared for the inclusionrural and auction is scheduled now for May by the government Dilma - Qualcomm, a maker of chipsets, today announced that in the near future will have multimode chipsto 450MHz. This means that the chipset will work in the range of 3G and 4G. But tostreamline their production ecosystem, 3GPP also needs to standardize the range for the fourth generation of mobile telephony.

In an interview with Digital Convergence Portal, president of Qualcomm Brazil,Rafael Steinhauser, declined to detail terms for the commercial release of thechipset. "In the near future we will have. Most important is that we are showing the evolution of technology for the track. It's a commitment. But we do need, the standardization of 3GPP to 450MHz for 4G," said the executive.

3GPP is an organization dedicated to the standardization of GSM-based technologies. Also according to Steinhauser, the standardization process is alreadyunderway and that the use of LTE in 450 MHz, and expand the supply of services for users, also favor the roaming coverage areas in other frequency bands.

By participating in the Campus Party, the communications minister, PauloBernardo, was critical to the technology adopted in the 450MHz - CDMA 2000,calling it 'outdated', but the president of Qualcomm Brazil ensures that it is equivalent to that used in 3G services .

"Several countries, including Latin America, use the CDMA 2000 to provide services at 450MHz, no ecosystem on the market and the speeds are equivalent to those offered in 3G. There is no technology lagged," said Steinhauser.

"What we do and we are doing is working its evolution. Chipset with 450MHz forLTE is proof that the use of the band is feasible and can indeed attract telecom operators," he concluded.

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