Friday, February 03, 2012

2.5 GHz auction: Sinditelebrasil requires access to spreadsheets Anatel

The National Union of Telephone Companies and Mobile Service and Personnel (SindiTelebrasil) asked on Thursday, 02/02, during a public hearing sponsored by theNational Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), in Sao Paulo, which is releasedimmediately , access to spreadsheets and motivations that underlie the development of the rules of the bidding documents of licenses for the delivery of fourth generation (4G) mobile telephony.

The SindiTelebrasil believes that this information is fundamental for assessing theeconomic feasibility of the project. And, by director Sergio Kern, linking the bands 2.5GHz and 450 MHz, which according to SindiTelebrasil, have distinct characteristics and purposes.

"The technology available for use in sub-450 MHz band is not indicated for the Brazilian case, because there is no synergy with other technologies in operation, has a lower capacity for data transmission, low production scale and uncertain evolution",held Kern.

The union that represents the mobile and fixed telephony also reinforced that we need to establish mechanisms to coverage and care for rural and remote areas, with public funds, especially the telecommunications sector funds.

"We believe that universal access to rural STFC is a historical problem whose solution involves complex and multiple technology platforms. Part of the solution to the effective assistance of course, as demonstrated by the experiences of ourassociates and internationally, must come from sources of actions supported bypublic and private funding, "added the director of SindiTelebrasil.

And, once again warned of the risk that the tax rate of expansion for the provision of services of 4G (data capacity) plus the rate of supply of 3G services can make the service more expensive for the user because the providers seek to reduce theeconomic and financial imbalances caused by the superposition of these two offerings.

In view also of the union telecom, setting targets for service coverage 4G - in the 2.5 GHz band - will occur only for the host cities and sub-offices of the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2014.

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