Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teles charge ICMS credits and Minister complains inertia of Brazilian States

The President of Telefónica / Vivo, Antonio Carlos Valente, criticized the fact that thetelecommunications industry today failing to obtain credits for ICMS paid on what the States by the consumption of electricity.

Valente noted that electricity is a major input to telecommunications services. But the industry does not benefit from these credits as other economic sectors, which increases the final price of the service.

In this regard the communications minister, Paulo Bernardo, agreed with the executive. He said the federal government is doing homework and relieving what he can to lower the cost of service to the community. But states simply do nothing toresolve the issue.

Watch the defense made ​​by the chairman of Telefonica / Vivo, Antonio CarlosValente, on or use of ICMS credits in the sector. Valente participated on Tuesday,14/02, the Telecommunications Policy Seminar, conducted by ConvergeCommunications in Brasilia.

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