Thursday, February 09, 2012

Brazil reached 314 million telecom access in 2011

Brazil finished 2011 with 314 million hits telecommunications services including fixed telephony, mobile, broadband and cable TV.

According to balance of the Brazilian Association of Telecommunications (Telebrasil) last year, 45.7 million new accesses were activated, which represents an increase of 17% compared to 2010. According to the figures of authority, 125 000 new accessions were added daily to the base.

The largest growth in absolute numbers was seen in mobile telephony, with 39.3 million new mobile phones. In December last year, Brazil accounted for 242.2 million mobile phones, representing a growth of 19% compared to 2010 when the country had 202.9 million mobile phones.

According to still Telebrasil, mobile telephony is present in all municipalities except Nazária (PI), newly emancipated, and there is competition between providers in at least three cities that concentrate 86% of the population of Brazil.

 Already the networks of third generation (3G), which allow connection to the Internet using mobile broadband, cities are operating in 2650, where 83% of Brazilians live. The 3G coverage, supports lifting the Telebrasil, doubled last year, a rate of activation of four cities a day.

The broadband segment was the most evolved percentage in 2011, with 68% growth compared to 2010. Brazil already has about 58 million hits, with 16.7 million fixed broadband and 41.1 million mobile broadband. In fixed broadband expansion in 2011 was 20%, with 2.8 million new accessions during the year. Mobile broadband, in turn, grew 99%, with 20.5 million new accessions added to the base in 2011.

The fixed telephony also made progress, reaching 42.9 million hits. Last year about 1 million new fixed telephone lines were activated, an increase of 2% compared to 2010. The landline is present in 39 000 cities and has one of highest levels of competition in the world, with 28% share of autorizatárias the total customer base.

The cable TV industry, in turn, grew 30% in 2011, reaching 12.7 million hits. Last year alone, 2.9 million new subscribers into the customer base of pay TV services.

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