Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vodafone proposes share among telcos for 4G in Europe

Whereas in Brazil threaten telcos charge higher prices for Internet access - especially by the necessary investments to ensure the quality standards set by Anatel and are not interested in investing in infrastructure sharing, since, today,only the antenna is made of a cooperative - the planet's largest mobile operator by revenue proposed rival to share the costs of the expansion of infrastructure.

The chairman of British Vodafone, Vittorio Colao revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which suggested the competitors in Germany, Spain and Italy a share of the estimated 30 billion euros ($ 75 billion) to build networks ofsuper-fast in Europe.

According to Vittorio Colao, these new networks are required to meet the seemingly insatiable demand for higher speeds in the connections, even at a time when consumers are not willing to pay much to have this service.

"So far we have not succeeded in convincing them that this is a good idea, but we are very interested. If times are hard and not enough money, we must go for co-investment and co-invested infrastructure terms open, "said the chairman of Vodafone.

Although great European operators have signed agreements to share in recent years, the executive said that the suggestion to divide the deployment of fixedseemed a very big step for competitors consulted.

Colao estimated to be 30 billion euros needed for the construction of new LTE networks in Europe - but they allow operators to charge higher prices to customers.The reduction of revenue, especially with the drop in interconnection rates, the biggest complaint was the first day of MWC.

Co-investment agreements are underway in France. But in Italy and Spain, whereVodafone purchased capacity in the fixed networks of utilities, companies at the moment, focused more heavily on debt payments.

With Europe in the center of the current state of international financial crisis, the telecommunications industry also suffers. A Moody's report, for example,downgraded the status of European telcos, which appear with negative outlook for 2012. There will be a drop in revenue and the industry must shrink 2%.

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