Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tariff reduction telecommunications out in March, says minister

The Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo said on Tuesday that the interim reliefthat will define the construction of telecommunications networks should be out inMarch.

As was promised in the second half of last year. The delay in initiating the policy of incentives due to budgetary difficulties, Bernardo said.

"There is no difficulty of merit, everyone agrees with the measure. Ran into the problem of compensation of tributes which we give up," the minister said during the seminar "The Politics of (tele) communications," in Brasilia.

The exemption will apply to equipment and construction. Preliminary calculationsindicate that the government will no longer be raised $ 6 billion over five years.

According to Bernardo, the measure will actually be worth starting in July, because it will take a while before companies send their projects and receive the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

The minister said that the incentives provided to the telecommunications industry willimpact the country's economic growth. Besides the relief network, the minister cited the exoneration of tablets, the project also relieve smartphones, the new law on cable TV, and the auctions scheduled for this year, as the 4G technology.

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