Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Broadband: Padtec and CPqD enter the dispute for global market

CPqD present at CeBIT 2012, which will be held 6-10 March in Hanover, Germany, the first result of a partnership in November with the Padtec and Civcom (manufacturer of optoelectronic modules acquired by Padtec in 2008).

This is a module for optical transmission equipment to 100 gigabits per second(Gbps) based on DWDM technology (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) - and also in international interoperability specifications defined by the OpticalInternetworking Forum (OIF).

"We believe the releases geared to broadband will bring us the recognition ofBrazilian operators, focusing on technology developed in the country, and also opensforward to conquer markets in Latin America and other continents. We have next-generation products," reveals Digital Convergence interview with Paul Cabestre,director of the contributing authors.

For the executive, CeBIT 2012 will serve as a showcase for Brazilian companies."Let's show our products to the world of ICT," said Cabestre. Furthermore, it reinforces the idea is to show that the evolution to next generation networks in telecom does not mean the abandonment of the existing legacy.

The new product has the function to perform highly sophisticated digital processing ofsignals (DSP) that reach the DWDM optical receiver, after traveling hundreds - even thousands - of kilometers by fiber-optic network.

The basis of this technology are the results obtained with the Project 100 Geth(Gigabit Ethernet), which has been conducted since 2010 by CPqD with funds from the National Fund for Technological Development of Telecommunications (Funttel),the Ministry of Communications and support FINEP.

Padtec will be the main customer of the new modules, which will be integrated intotheir products - it is worth remembering that Padtec is responsible for the infrastructure of Telebras, riding a national network to support the NationalBroadband. The Civcom, responsible for the production of new devices, will provide them to Padtec and also you can export them to other equipment manufacturers in the global market.

The goal of Project 100 Geth and develop a new generation of optical communication systems for broadband, capable of offering very high data rates - up to 9.6 Terabits per second (Tbps) per fiber, with 96 channels in the network core(backbone). The project, including the development of a digital signal processor chipcapable of operating in transmitting 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps.

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