Wednesday, February 08, 2012

TIM and Claro catch duel by 3G coverage

With the Vivo coverage of the leading third generation network, with over 2500municipalities, the rivals forget the beginning of the year and accelerate their strategies. The course has reached 675 locations. TIM, in turn, reached 502municipalities. Oi Even, even at a slower pace, has also invested more.

Increased 3G coverage in Brazil is on the back of telecom strategy, in particular, TIMof offering mobile broadband outside the cell. No wonder, TIM, according to theportal Teleco, released on Monday, 06/02, the operator was the most increased itsinfrastructure. In the third quarter of last year, the coverage was in only 281 locations.In January, reached 502, an increase of almost 80%.

The Claro, which lost its second place ranking in the mobile phone to TIM, after aperiod of significant stagnation in your network, also decided to expand its infrastructure. In the third quarter of last year, the tele was present in 491 locations. InJanuary, the coverage went to 675 municipalities, an increase of about 35%.

Even Oi, what is the 'lantern' 3G coverage, also decided to invest more ininfrastructure. The tele in the third quarter of 2011 was present in 213 municipalitiesin January reached 261 locations. increase a little above 20%.

Despite the increase in infrastructure investment, the 3G network is still very concentrated. According to the portal Teleco, in December 2011, 1921municipalities were served by only one operator, characterizing the non-competition.The dispute focused on telecom only 154 of 5,560 municipalities in the country. In total, 2,939 municipalities in December, followed without serv

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