Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Digital TV: Minicom broadcasters will seek to expedite use of the Ginga

Overcome the discussion with the manufacturers of equipment designed for digital TV, the government will call for broadcasters to discuss the use of interactivity in programming, especially now that a date was set for the manufacture of televisionswith Ginga.

"We decided the issue of term [with manufacturers], who wanted more time to do the test suites. We will make efforts together with the broadcasters. I'll call Abert, "said Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo.

The minister said the government will make available to the applications made bybroadcasters for use of the CPqD Ginga. "Maybe not the big interest, but rathersmall. CPqD is giving us and we are making available. "

Ministerial Decree published on Friday, 24/2, 2013 adjourned to the mandatoryimplementation of interactivity in television sets manufactured in the country, but the percentage fixed in 75% of initial production.

Some stations - especially TV Globo and SBT-already have strong work for the use of Ginga in their schedules. But this debate will also be a critical issue: The digital dividend - the spectrum that will be available in 700 MHz band, with the digitization of the TV signal. Telecom operators and broadcasters fight forspectrum use. The broadcasters argue that they need because of age, exactly, the return channel to speed interactivity.

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