Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Government still studying means to direct contracting network of Telebras

By participating in the "Seminar on Telecommunications and ICT Policy," Converge Communication, held this week in Brasilia, the Secretary of Logistics and Information Technology, Delfino Natal de Souza, spoke of the role of Telebras in the construction of a federal network of communication Multimedia.
First, the government has ensured that the strategy of using the federal system as Telebras will travel where all data of interest. To do so, he explained that where the state can come to provide the service network, it will have priority to do so.
However not ruled out the purchase of services provided by telephone companies.However, in this case, the Telebras be used as a means to induce the competition between local telco, with the aim of inducing a drop in price of the services.
At the moment, Delfino de Souza admits that there is no legislation in purchasing a device that favors or to ensure the priority of direct hiring of Telebras. Any waiver of bidding for the provision of network services or Multimedia Communications has no legal support to facilitate this choice. The Telebras would be obliged, in theory, to compete for contracts with telcos through public bidding.
But Delfino indicated that the government may be seeking an alternative to deviate from the current rules of shopping. A possible strategy would be the ongoing Telebras act as Infovia Federal Serpro in the same way that, in Brasilia, has been providing Communication Services by Infoway Brasilia. Remember that both the Serpro as Telebras already have authorization from Anatel to provide the SCM on a national basis.
The Serpro masks the provision of Communication Services in providing Infovia Brasilia - a telecommunications service and therefore liable only be obtained through competitive bidding - transforming the business' IT services. " The 8666 Act does not reach the company's data processing under the Ministry of Finance. She has just favored with public agencies to waive the bid. The Communication Services performed by it in Infoway has just provided as a "free ride" in the contracts signed with IT departments and agencies bound by Serpro.
Telemar (Hi) has questioned the legal validity of hiring IT service married telecommunications service performed by Serpro, but there is news that the concessionaire has succeeded with its action.
With the declaration of the secretary of the SLTI Telebras may act in the Federal Infoway, is not ruled out that the Ministry of Planning - which controls the Infovia Brasilia - will marry IT operations Serpro with the network services of Telebras, to facilitate the signing of contracts. And that could be worth as much for the federal agencies across the country, and for state and local governments - all without without bidding. It is a hypothesis that the private market telephony will consider and worry about going forward.

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