Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bernard criticizes the Oi and ensures that Anatel maintain rules on quality

By participating in the Campus Party, technology event that happens in the state capital, the Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo said that the action of Oi, who requested the removal of the goals of service quality of broadband, is "totally wrong".It also held that the Anatel will not return after what has already been set in October last year, when the rules were published for the service quality.

Paul Bernardo noted that the charge for broadband service quality was a direct demand of President Rousseff, even last year, when discussing the National Broadband Plan.

"The president has a right to determine if sold 1 Mbps or 10 Mbps, should deliver theclosest thing. She demanded minimum standards of quality. It was then that Anatelhas gained muscles went ahead with the editing rules. Quality was a proposedgovernment and remains, "the minister argued.

When talking about the application of Oi - whatever the elimination of rules of quality measurement proposed by Anatel - Paul Bernardo was very hard. "The positioning ofOi was totally wrong." It ensured that the Anatel will not answer the poll. "Are you in the face that the Anatel will not uphold it. Will someone there, and she complains (Anatel)go back? Can not," he added.

Regarding the possibility of going to court Oi, Paul Bernardo was even more emphatic in his criticism"They may even go to courtbut I believe that the magistrates, in good conscience, no one will pay attention to this election, since they themselves complain that the Internet is slow and without quality," he said.

To the Minister of Communications, the imposition of quality goals means rather thatthe telcos will have to invest more in infrastructure to improve the provision ofserviço.Mas recalled that the government is working to make aa his part.

Both promised that, once againthat 'within days', the Measure of relief for fiber optic networks will be brought to the president Rousseff. "Everything is settled with the economic areaWe will reduce taxes and make our part, but the telcos will have toinvest even more, "added Paul Bernardo.

During his presentation at the Campus Party, Paul Bernardo noted that the $ 16.5 billion of foreign investments accounted for by the Central Bank in the country in 2011, the area of ​​Telecom accounted for 35- about $ 6.5 billion.

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