Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Virgin Mobile and Telecom Datora close agreement for MVNO in Brazil

To encourage the market for virtual operators, Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA)and Telecom will date close agreement to streamline the business in the area. In Brazil, until now, only three companies are authorized to act as MVNOs: Datora, Porto Seguro and French Sisteer. Virgin expects revenue of $ 1 billion by 2016 with mobile content in Latin America.

Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA), a company that is starting up MVNO activitiesin Latin America and plans to invest about $ 300 million in the region, announced analliance with Datora Telecom, a company authorized by Anatel to act on the market and already responsible for the operation of Porto Seguro, to develop its MVNO in Brazil.

The VMLA, who plans to become the leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO, its acronym in English) of Latin America over the next five years, expects to launch its first operation in Chile in March. It also hopes to launch its second operation in Colombia in the second half of this year, and received regulatory approval in Mexico and Peru. In Brazil, the option was to partner with Telecom Datora.

Porto Seguro Telecom - an association of insurance company Porto Seguro withChiacomm - the Datora Sisteer and France Telecom, which already has a strong presence in Europe MVNE and MVNOs in operation are approved by Anatel. Both use TIM's network for its operations. Bank of Brazil and the Post Office have alsoshown interest in acting as MVNOs in the country, but so far have not formalized theprocess.

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