Thursday, February 02, 2012

LTE infrastructure spending to hit USD 24 billion in 2013

Global capital spending on LTE technology is projected to reach USD 24.3 billion in 2013, nearly triple the USD 8.7 billion this year, according to a study by IHS iSuppli. LTE infrastructure spending in 2015 will rise to USD 36.1 billion, compared to USD 9 billion for 3.5G. This growth is expected to allow LTE to overtake 3.5G, which will end its five-year run this year as the dominant category in mobile infrastructure gear spending. In 2013, 3.5G infrastructure technology will generate USD 19.8 billion in revenue. For infrastructure manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers, LTE represents a strong revenue growth potential and an opportunity to develop long-term relationships with carriers. To this end, manufacturers are developing hardware solutions labeled as 'Any G to LTE' that support software upgrades to LTE, while maintaining backward compliant with the legacy 2.5G and 2.75G mobile technologies still in use in some parts of the world.

Source: Telecom paper

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