Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Smartphones 'steal' the scene and the place of PCs

Deliveries of smartphones in the fourth quarter of last year totaled 158.5 million units, number 57% higher than the total shipments in the same period of 2010, equanto PC sales in the same comparison basis, rose by 16.3 %, totaling 120.2 million units shipped, according to a survey of consulting and research firm Canalys.

Accumulated in 2011 were 487.7 million smartphones shipped, number 62.7% higher than a year earlier. Have shipments of desktops, tablets, notebooks and netbooks, combined, totaled 414.6 million, a growth of 14.8%.

This is the first time in history that worldwide sales of smartphones beyond the PCsAccording to analysis of the vice president of Canalys Chris Jones, the greatestinterest in tablets resulted in falling demand for PCs Tablets accounted for 15 % of the market for PCs

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