Monday, February 13, 2012

Companies of SCM and SEAC migrate to the SindiTelebrasil

More of a movement that aims to telcos absolute control of the broadband market in Brazil. The SindiTelebrasil - which represents companies fixed and mobile telephony - adopted at a meeting of members held on the 1st of February, the entry of companies in the Multimedia Communications Service (WCS) and the Office of Conditional Access (SEAC) in the entity.

It was decided that on March 15, will be held an Extraordinary General Meeting will be decided when the required change of status of the Social SindiTelebrasil to allow the entry of two economic categories. With this change, the union of telcos now controls the interests of the entire market of companies who provide broadband services.

According to Anatel, today, the market for multimedia communication represents a universe of 3,100 companies providing the service. This will give greater legtimidade SindiTelebrasil speech to defend the interests of the sector.

The union, for example, gains strength to influence the company's Oi lonely fight against the Anatel and strengthen arguments that the regulatory agency needs to review or at least relax the current detailed rules of quality for broadband.

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