About Author

Wilian Hiroshi Hisatugu is PhD by PPGEE- Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo on Wireless Broadband technologies (Wimax and LTE). He researches Wireless Broadband Networks, and have particular interest on LTE, Cognitive radio, Distributed Antennas Systems and Internet of Things technologies. Ministrates lectures about Wimax on Enterprise Mobility Context, Capacity Planning of Wireless Broadband Networks and Traffic Modeling. Have been publishing papers at Traffic Models, Capacity Planning of Broadband Networks. He was technical consultor for traffic modeling and capacity planning on Multimedia Network Project for Espirito Santo State - Brazil, where built topologicals models and SLA´s on Opnet Modeler for more tham one thousand links.
Interest areas: IPv6 and SIP on NGN context, Operating Research, Embbeded systems, BI on telecommunications
Has experience on system development for NGN networks.
Consultor ad-hoc on network projects and Wimax projects, Reviser of cientific journals on telecommunications area and ministrates lectures about Wireless Broadband Networks and LTE.