Friday, January 24, 2014

Anatel attempts to accelerate review of 'relevant markets'

Front of "several" requests for the Anatel to reassess the definitions of the relevant markets, the Board of the agency, at a meeting held on Thursday, 23/​​01, ruled that the Superintendence of Competition accelerate studies on this subject to be possible to have the review completed by next November - deadline for any changes in PGMC (General Plan competitive).

"We will include the Competition Superintendence immediately begin examining reassessment of offers in the relevant markets, especially in regard to undertakings with significant market power. We'll leave the finer PGMC until November, which is the limit of the revision of the assumptions placed on it, "explained the president of Anatel, Joao Rezende.

 In PGMC, the agency adopted rules of asymmetric regulation, which in practice means giving greater weight on the obligations of those operators that have significant market power, ie, are large to the point of influencing the functioning of the market in certain localities.

According indicated Igor de Freitas, who is the rapporteur of the particular case that prompted a discussion of the collegiate advisor companies have good chances of success. "The technical department says that in some cases there is evidence of improper characterization in certain relevant markets. It is prudent to prioritize these processes that asked revaluation "he said.

The Standard took two years term for these "relevant markets" were reassessed. Then Rezende address the demands as "a moment of reaffirmation of PGMC". "The Superintendence of Competition is with the number of requests OI, TIM, Telefonica, on review of the relevant markets", amended president.

As an application of CTBC has reached the Board, the case was used to provide guidance to the technical area. What happens is that the operators do not agree with the indications given by Anatel and therefore have applied to several cases of "relevant market" are reviewed - the geographical locations where this or that operator has the Significant Market Ruling.

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