Friday, January 17, 2014

Data usage grows 40% every generation smartphones

A survey of British Actix - specializing in software for mobile networks - indicates that data consumption is significantly higher with each new generation of smartphones. In numbers, the results indicate that the traffic volume grows 40%.

"The networks have been scrambling to meet the growing demand for data. First with the passage of feature phones to smartphones, now with the upgrade to high capacity equipment. Every generation traffic grows 40% per device, "says the director of global marketing at Actix, Neil Coleman.

The study, which sought to assess the pressures on radio access networks - ie between base stations and handsets - analyzed more than 100,000 equipment used mobile networks in Europe and the United States over the past year.

According to the study, the smartphones of 2013 consumed seven times more data than those launched in 2009 - and 40% more than the year 2012. And yet, that tablet users consume more than twice the data that smartphones.

Equipment with access to hotspots consume nine times more data than in cellular networks. "95% of data is being consumed by smartphones, but with the growth in sales of cheaper tablets operators will be faced with equipment 'hungry' for data," says Coleman.

Other results indicate that handsets Apple consume almost twice as much data per session than the average Android phones. The iPhones were in the top three positions among the smartphones that consume data (4, 4 and 5). Among the 10 models that use more data, four are from Samsung.

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