Friday, January 17, 2014

Data roaming requires more efficient telcos

The global data roaming revenues will generate $ 48 billion in 2018, says a study by Juniper Research. That means 47% of total revenues roaming, compared with the proportion of 36% in 2013.

For consultancy, surge in data roaming will come with 4G massification - roaming agreements in 4G LTE are still in early stages, but already being celebrated globally. Also an efficient policy by telcos will need.

"Operators need to set plans and Fares able to encourage greater use by their subscribers, but without those 'deals' may cause loss of revenue.'s Telcos will have to design more efficient services," says the report's author, analyst Nitin Bhas.

The advisory indicates that regulatory policies such as the proposal from the European Commission's Digital Agenda, may impact on revenue in the region, with a reduction in revenue for data roaming up to 20% by 2016.

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