Sunday, January 19, 2014

M2M: the Multinational is going shopping in Brazil

In November, according to Anatel, the assets of M2M terminals were 8,175,309 million, a significant increase over 2013. And the market is mobilized. In Brazil, mergers and acquisitions are a reality. The Wyless, multinational company, bought 65% stake in Brazilian TM Year, M2M pioneer in the country, with the investment of approximately $ 7 million, reversed in infrastructure, human resources and technology.

There are 13 years in this market, the TM Data operates a managed network that connects the four mobile operators in Brazil, Claro, OI, TIM and Vivo customers. Operates through various business sectors such as automotive, infrastructure, security, medical and financial services. According to the CEO of TM Data, Sérgio Souza, companies are accustomed with the service provided directly by operators. With that suffer the lack of an offer that suits the logistical demands, technical customizations, differentiated service, special business plans, advanced management, incentive and innovation.

Renamed Wyless TM Date Brazil, the company has bold plans and wants of the country, expand its presence in Latin America. "Alternative sales channels spread all over the country will be available, plus new options for financing equipment to meet the huge existing demand," says the CEO of TM Data.

The investment will be the first major deployment of Porthos system, the most advanced management platform and awarded worldwide, able to ensure the continuity and management of M2M solutions. The investments planned for 2014 are around $ 1.5 million in retention and training of new talents and still projects the opening of new offices in Latin America and Rio de Janeiro. "Brazil is one of the largest growth opportunities in M2M in relation to the world market, and one of the greatest challenges of the BRIC group." Concludes Dan McDuffie, CEO of Wyless.  

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