Monday, January 20, 2014

Fourth wave of the Internet

Companies providing various technologies they see the opportunities that are created from the Internet of Things ( IoT ) . " There is a potential market that is growing at a rate of 30 % per year and is estimated to reach 6 billion euros in 2015," said Fabian Valverde , director of SAP's mobility during the 2013 FUTURECOM panel.
What is SAP sees also glimpsed by companies such as Ericsson , Cisco , Qualcomm , among others . Everyone wants to grab a slice - still incipient - Business IoT . Oren Pinsky , Qualcomm , emphasizes the connection machine to machine will be within almost all business processes within the short to medium term. " About 70 % of cars in 2017 will be connected in one way or another. "
Observing this scenario, Marcelo Ehalt , director of engineering at Cisco , explains that the IoT is the fourth wave of the internet . " The first wave was the web browser and e- mail , then e-commerce emerged . The third wave was the immersive Internet , with social networks , mobility , collaboration.

In foundation of everything, the network

One fact is certain: the Internet of Things deeply impacts the architecture of telecommunications networks. As explained by Jesper Rhode, director of innovation at Ericsson, many devices will be connected by wireless networks, but not necessarily for cellular networks, even though the latter may also play a key role, for example, sensors street or transportation, where cable is expensive pass.

"In the future, networks will have to connect wireless devices without mobility profiles, ie, will not require a review of BTSs in real time." And Ericsson is eyeing the market that forms from the adaptation of mobile networks -fixed.

For Cisco, the Internet of Everythings - IOE, as the provider has decided to appoint the concept - it also represents an opportunity to sell network equipment. "Connectivity is basic principle," says Ehalt. "You must use technologies for optimization and improvement."

If Cisco and Ericsson look to network components that will be affected by the explosion of connected objects for the SAP of the big issues is to enter the market of tools that analyze the huge amount of data from the Internet of Things and turn them into information . And how to make a predictive analysis to give companies tools so they take decisions in advance. Other opportunities also arise from segments such as security, privacy and control of the devices.

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