Friday, January 24, 2014

Anatel is preparing a regulation to backhaul wireless high speed

Anatel will put on public consultation a standard for the use of 70 and 80 GHz bands for new applications in telecommunications. In practice, it is a little late movement, at least on a piece of spectrum that is already used in the deployment of wireless connections for high speed.

The use of the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz bands was approved by the regulator of telecommunications in the United States, the FCC, still in 2003, from an order of the equipment manufacturers. Here, the FCC was also caused by the market.

"These studies are the private sector, where the Telefonica / Vivo and also by manufacturers, who proposed a regulation for use of these bands. The proposal is for any telecommunications services in point-to-point applications, on a primary basis without exclusivity, "summarized The draftsman, Marcelo Bechara.

As the advisor explains, this band is used for connecting fixed points, serving as wireless backhaul, "utility that can be considered the most important of the present moment," Bechara said, noting ongoing deployment of 4G services.

"Regard to the recently auctioned the 4G radio and the need of transmission rates at the output of the high ERBs are, it implies that the backhaul should be implemented preferably with fiber. But in some cases it is not possible or feasible, and these bands 70/80 GHz are presented as an alternative, "he explained.

In fact, neither surprising that the application has been forwarded by Telefonica. It's that the band is used exactly for these wireless high speed in big cities, where the cost for grounding optical fiber can derail some investments.

  The very high frequency has some technical difficulties - like the use of microwave - but has been adopted in the U.S. since at least 2006. In essence, are devices that can be placed on top of buildings and in need of-sight to the transmission.

In general, the difficulties with implementation leads to higher bands to cover distances of about 3km, but the result appears to work, as there are different equipment suppliers. In the next 1.5 km distances, this system comes to achieve transfer rates of 1Gbps. The public consultation Anatel should be open next week and receive contributions for 45 days. The agency also plans to hold a public hearing on the proposal in Brasilia.

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