Friday, January 17, 2014

Bluetooth Low Energy: A new and emerging market for wireless technology

The wireless technology Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or) has recently caused quite a stir in the world market due to good "quiet" Apple announcement of functionality iBeacon iOS7 with your operating system on WWDC in June 2013, the announcement of the Beacon Technology PayPal - service payments - you want to use it on mobile payment and a host of startups announcing products with the BLE technology.

The StickNFind Estimote and startups are already providing cheap Beacon hardware compatible with the technology that can be used in version 4.3 (or higher) of the Android operating system. The BLE technology is also known as Smart Bluetooth.

A highlight: iBeacon although the announcement of Apple's WWDC in technology has been sober, the technology has only had its outstanding importance in the media world in September 2013.

Some experts have called the BLE technology as a "game changer" which can change the placement of NFC (Near Field Communication) in the scenario of mobile payments. The BLE technology can be used to check for coupons, home automation, location indoors (indoor location), fitness devices, proximity marketing, security and mobile payments.
In the field of mobile payment (mobile payment), the lack of traction - so far - of NFC technology in recent years will be even more "assaulted" with the arrival of BLE technology. If you depend Apple and PayPal, NFC will not "take off" in mobile payments. PayPal has said until the NFC acronym stands for Non Commerce. Apple never entered the NFC in their devices.
The Apple that should already be considering having the domain of BLE technology - as is their frequent attitude towards technologies associated with their products - when he gave a firm step in that direction, to acquire in the middle of that year the company had Passif Semiconductors that know- how in BLE.

 Well Apple style of great strategic alliances, it also announced a recent partnership with Major League Football (MLB - Major League Baseball) to use the BLE technology in creative applications in this League stadiums (eg, location of seats. , payments for food and drinks, loyalty card, etc.). This will give the talk. Can write down in your notebook! . Learn more about the Apple iBeacon here: Apple iBeacons Explained - Smart Home Occupancy Sensing Solved, Automated Home, and 03.oct.2013 With iBeacon, Apple is going to dump on NFC and embrace the internet of things, GigaOM, 10. sep.2013.
In the case of PayPal, this site has announced the launch of its Beacon technology you want to use in September this year - as seen above - on their mobile payments (see PayPal Debuts Its Newest Hardware, Beacon, LE Bluetooth Enabled Device For Hands-Free Check Ins And Payments, TechCrunch, 09.sep.2013).
Another player in the technology market that is betting on BLE technology is the big chip maker Qualcomm with the "service" called Gimbal: Qualcomm annouces Proximity Beacons Dailywireless, 10.dec.2013. The main focus of Qualcomm with Gimbal is navigating indoors (indoor positioning).

The Retail segment is a niche extensive use of Beacon technology. IBM indicates that advances in location technology (along wearable tech, and "augmented reality") will help in the trend in the retail market of Smart Stores (Smart Stores) in the next five years (see 5 Smart Technology Trends That Will Transform Our Daily Lives , BI Insider, and The 31.dec.2013 5 in 5: Innovations que will change our lives in the next five years, IBM Research, 17.dec.2013). 

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