Friday, January 17, 2014

4G Brazil: João Rezende and Paulo Bernardo missed in predictions

At least for the government, the accession of the Brazilian 4G was not expected. In April last year, the launch of 4G services in the country, the president of Anatel, Resende, and Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, made a bet: Brazil had over 4 million hits assets 4G in December. Missed out. November, latest data released by agênica, finished with 923 400 hits
"I'll pay for dinner, but will 'fine' because it did not work," joked the minister after a meeting on the morning of Wednesday, 8/1, in which Resende was also present. "Who he was wrong, I said I'd be a million", defended the president of Anatel

When Claro launched its 4G operation in Brasilia at April, Resende, Anatel, excited, said the country would have 4 million 4G by the end of 2013. He reproduced a number whispered by handset manufacturers. Paulo Bernardo, however, found little. Days later, when extending such kindness to Spanish Vivo provoked: "I find it very conservative. Let's have more. So much so that I'm betting a dinner with Rezende "

 Admittedly smartphones and tablets supported the electronics industry in 2013. Throughout the year, the 62 million phones sold, 31.9 million were 'smart', but the vast majority was still facing migration from 2G to 3G.

Joining the 4G did not explode as expected. Especially because the service coverage is still considered small in the country - the service is competitive in the host cities of the World Cup, since all the telcos are already active with its capital in these networks. By the number of Anatel, 2014 will be another year for telcos invest in migration from 2G to 3G. The 4G will follow for a portion of the population.

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