Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Auction of the 2.5 GHz shall be in May

Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, although I feel unlikely, for the first time hinted that it could, if it were the will of the majority, to separate the sale of 2.5 GHz, toward the 4G, the 450 MHz band, dedicated to the inclusion countryside. But he was emphatic about the range of 700 MHz: There is no chance of immediate trading."I know that many people are interested in this age-the dividend that will scan the TV - including those who are here beside me (referring to the chairman of Telefonica / alive, Antonio Carlos Valente), but there is no chance to discuss it right now. First we solve the 2.5 GHz, "said Paul Bernard, on Tuesday, 07/02, attended the Campus Party in Sao Paulo.Regarding the auction of 2.5 GHz, Paulo Bernardo said it will publish the notice on April 16, with 30 days for the auction, in mid of May. Asked if this deadline would not be out as planned by President Rousseff - wanted the auction until the 30th of April, Bernard joked."I was 'beaten' by the president, but she tolerated a delay of 15 days in order to conduct the process in the best way," said Minister of Communications. Indeed, the first time, Paul Bernardo, while maintaining the speech that changes are now 'unlikely', showed some flexibility in meeting the election of the telcos - claiming the untying of the 2.5 GHz Band 450 Mhz"We're doing a public consultation (it runs until February 16), we will listen to all sides, and if we change to improve, we'll do," he added. Asked about the domestic content requirement in the assembly of infrastructure, Paul Bernardo assured that the rule is maintained. "There is a negotiation and, yes, a government policy to attract local manufacturing," he said.Though cautious, the chairman of Telefonica / Vivo, Antonio Carlos Valente, hinted that the biggest concern with the requirement of national technology is likely 'overpricing' negotiations. "We know that there may be a reduction and that manufacturers may determine higher costs in assembling the network, but rules are to be fulfilled," he said.

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