Sunday, February 12, 2012

Telcomp charges decoupling of auctions of 2.5 GHz and 450 MHz

The Telcomp want to unbind the auctioning of 2.5 GHz band, dedicated to the provision of 4G, the 450 MHz, directed for digital inclusion in rural areas. For João Moura, president of the organization, the government wants to transfer the responsibility of local fixed telecom universal for mobile operators.

"We sell 2.5 GHz at the right price and the government is universal with its own resources, as happened in England," he says. João Moura, says that mobile operators such as TIM, Nextel and even, in part, of course, are at a disadvantage with respect to Hi and Telefonica, which have operations with fixed and universal service goals.

"For these telcos, the rule does not change, but for those who do not have to meet effectively the PGMU 3, the announcement was of a complexity that keeps the interest," he says. The termination, also claims the president of Telcomp, it is necessary to enhance the spectrum, an increasingly scarce.

"Universalize the Internet and telephony in rural areas is the mission of government. And he will have resources for that, if there is interest in the 450MHz, with the money going to raise from the auction of 2.5 GHz just advocate a transparent model," says . At a meeting on Friday, 10/02, the Advisory Council decided to request a postponement of 10 days public consultation on the announcement, which has a term to end on February 26.

The government is expected to auction the 2.5 GHz in mid-May. This is because the notice would be published on April 16, as revealed Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo. The process would have a delay of 15 days in the schedule stipulated by the president Rousseff, but it would have received the green light of the Plateau.

The Telcomp, which represents more than 50 companies providing telecom services, has released the Digital Convergence, the full text of his presentation at Advisory Council of Anatel.

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