Friday, February 24, 2012

Teles wish federal law and resources for the RBS Fistel

Attentive to opportunity to go see an old demand, phone companies, throughSinditelebrasil, issued a statement supporting the proposal for a General Law ofantennas, called as the creation of a federal law to replace the hundreds of state and local rules for installation of radio base stations.

The theme was taken up with the promise of the Ministry of Communications that a bill to this effect was sent to Congress. The government beckons with a single lawfor the RBS since the establishment of National Broadband Plan. Now, the 4Greinforces the arguments of the operators.

"The country has more than 250 municipal laws that hinder the installation of base stations for mobile telephony," writes Sinditelebrasil. According to the union, the50,000 base stations in Brazil are equivalent to the existing infrastructure of acountry like Italy, which has only 3% of Brazilian territory.

On the eve of the auction of 2.5 GHz band, which provides deadlines for thedeployment of fourth generation, the operators say they have no way to install the4G network in the country until 2014, the year the Cup, if the government fails to adopt a procedure for unify the legislation.

In defending the federal law on the RBS, companies take to defend the use of Fund resources Surveillance of Telecommunication Services (Fistel) to finance theexpansion of infrastructure. "Each base station costs $ 300,000", calculates theSinditelebrasil.

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