Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cellphone will disappear on five years

By participating in the Campus Party, an event that happens in the state capital, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, UK, the Indian expert, Sugata Mitra, had a practical projection beyond controversy: For him, the cell phone as we know it today will disappear within a year cino.

Within this forecast, Sugata Mitra has a alert for telecom operators: review their models. "The phone will have the same fate as other devices such as the phonograph, like MP3 and others with the evolution ceased to matter. The computer has become mobile. The TV is becoming mobile. And the phone will be replaced as well. Take me to seriously, "Sugata Mitra argued, at a news conference at the Campus Party.

And his proposal is even more provocative. "The human brain, with or use of implanted chips, will be able to pick all the technology that exists today on the phone," he added. To give credibility to his thesis, the expert points out that 20 years ago, nobody could imagine the existence of a cell phone. "Therefore, operators should not ask what to do, but rather the consumer, you should consider when you have chips implanted in his head," he said.

In the area of ​​education, Mitra was even more radical. For him, the current pricing model of knowledge, with the use of evidence of memorization is also doomed to die. "We must change the concept of education. A tablet in the hands of a student, does not mean he'll learn traditional math, but he may discover other skills that may be more sensitive to their life," he said.

The expert did not spare criticism of the current model of education. According to him, created 300 years ago, and that requires a change sooner. "Until recently, the recall was necessary. Was the only way to retain knowledge. Today we have the pen drive. Decorating is not the end. We have to review all of this model," he added.

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