Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oi sends a announcement about his request for cancellation of Anatel proposed metrics

In a statement sent to the Digital Convergence website, says that the Hi is favorable to measure the quality of broadband, but disagrees with the model proposed by Anatel and no. In the report, the utility says:

"Oi proposed and formalized with the Anatel to adopt a system of measuring quality of broadband network, as well as disclosure of the measurement by an independent entity, as a transparency measure to improve consumer perceptions.

The proposal made to the Anatel adopted technical standards followed in Europe and the United States and received broad support from studies of specialized consultants. In addition, the company participated in the 2010 first test, conducted by Inmetro in partnership with the Anatel, who pointed to the network Hi one of the best indicators of quality.

The questioning of the company sent to Anatel with regard to setting goals that do not depend exclusively on telecom operators, since the performance is linked to several other factors that may affect the operation of the service end as a site feature that is being accessed, international connections, networks of other companies, the server and the computer used by the consumer, among others. There are technical studies from respected organizations that support this concept. The regulatory procedure done here is to obtain statistically consistent measurements, prior to discussion of goals.

Source: http://convergenciadigital.uol.com.br/cgi/cgilua.exe/sys/start.htm?infoid=29078&sid=4

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