Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Broadband: Internet users in Brazil tweeted against Oi

The Brazilian Internet users 'tweeted' protests in regard to the decision of the Oi in request cancellation of the rules in broadband quality. In this Monday, 30/01, for forty minutes - from 16:28 am to 17: 10 pm - the movement, called the consumer protection entities, was at the top of the topics of Twitter in the country.

The action aimed to press the claim against the Oi formalized by the operator for the cancellation of quality goals. Public consultation on the theme ending on Wednesday, February 1st. The 'tuitaço' began at four in the afternoon. Twenty-eight minutes, the # hastag Oicontraqualidade was already on top of Twitter trends. Messages were directed to the @ digaOi.

Until 17:15 pm, the movement was among the three hottest topics of the microblog. Idec revealed that a balance of the campaign will be released on Tuesday, 31/01.

In the request to the Anatel - which came into public consultation - Oi want to eliminate altogether 25 articles of the regulations of the quality of multimedia communication services and mobile staff. In addition to the reaction rate of subscribers - that is, the perception of the service - or the withdrawal of all devices that deal with Internet related parameters.

Are the percentages for defining latency, latency variation (jitter), packet loss and availability in addition to the instantaneous and average speeds, ie, that occasionally obligation to deliver 20% of the contracted rate and, on average, 60% of it.

In the application, Oi includes cancellations, even the criteria of quality voice service on the phone, and messages (SMS), and the period of 10 days to request an installation done by a customer is served by the operator. Istributor, the operator did not speak. The public consultation runs until the Anatel on 01 February. Begun in 16 days so far, it has hosted 750 events.

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