Sunday, January 29, 2012

Broadband: Entities promise 'tuitaço' against Oi

To press the Oi, which requested the annulment of quality targets in broadband to Anatel, the IDEC (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection) has launched a campaign urging consumers to send messages to the carrier board.

The messages sent by the site Idec (link) will be sent in copy to the channel open public consultation by Anatel. The reaction against the application of Hi also relies on the mobilization of a campaign Broadband is Your Right! and Avaaz.

After receiving the request for annulment of the Oi quality goals, the Anatel opened a public consultation to consider the existence of "third-party interests," and allowed the company to manifest or against the request of the company until February 1. Idec, and launched the campaign, send your contribution to the consultation, expressing his strong position against the attempt of Oi

The goals of quality broadband service, approved by the Directing Council of Anatel in October last year, told with a strong consumer participation. At the time, Idec, along with the Campaign Broadband is your right! and Avaaz, called consumers on the Internet to send messages to Anatel Board resolutions in support of quality, with strong and specific goals aimed at ensuring and improving the service for Brazilians. The result was more than 80 000 messages sent to the agency.

 Groups that advocate the maintenance of quality goals are organizing for next Monday, Jan. 30, a "tuítaço" to expose the Oi attempt to weaken the quality of the Internet, as well as to encourage the Anatel to keep firm in the original resolution. For surfers tuítaço will use the hashtag # OiContraQualidade directing messages to the @ DigaOi, the company's profile in Twitter.

To Veridiana Alimontado, a lawyer for Idec, "Oi disregards the request of a broad process of social participation and the need to give a firm response to numerous complaints from consumers regarding broadband service."

The targets adopted indicators involve customer service and provide quality criteria for the networks parameters including minimum and average speed. From 2012, companies with more than 50 000 subscribers should ensure an average of 60% of the contracted speed, rising to 70% in the second year and 80% from the third.

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