Monday, January 16, 2012

Emerging countries are investing in 4G

The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) confirms a total of 49 networks in several countries, including Brazil, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. The forecast is that the entity at the end of this year are 119 commercial LTE networks in 50 countries.
Data incorporate the latest version of the report 'Evolution to LTE, "where he notes the commercial launch of 49 LTE ​​(Long Term Evolution) in several countries, totaling 285 operators who have confirmed their commitment to deploying LTE networks or will be engage in pilot projects, test feasibility or studio technology. The report covers LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and TDD LTE (Time Division Duplex).
The GSA study also confirms that other 226 commercial deployments are underway (35% more in six months) or planned in 76 countries, including 49 networks that have been released now. Another 59 operators in 17 countries are firmly engaged in the tests and studies with LTE.
Commercial operations announced more than doubled in the last half in 29 countries, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, United States, Estonia, Philippines, Finland ,, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Uzbekistan.
Alan Hadden, GSA President says that "operators from various countries, emerging and developed, have been stepping up efforts towards Long Term Evolution. In 2011 the number of investments in 4G has more than doubled, as well as operators who have obtained their spectrum and those that were able to reposition the existing spectrum, particularly in the 1800 MHz band for LTE deployments. "
Number of commercial LTE networks:
2009 = 2
2010 = 15
2011 = 29
2012 = three networks until January 3.
The GSA is expected that by the end of 2012, 119 are commercial LTE networks in 50 countries.

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