Tuesday, January 31, 2012

IBM goes shopping in the area of ​​enterprise mobility

IBM announced on Tuesday, 31/01, an agreement to acquire worklight, an Israeli company specializing in software development and applications for smartphones and tablets. The values ​​of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the acquisition, IBM intends to expand its service offering in the form of mobile applications, management services, security, and integration services for smartphones and tablets from individuals to enterprise systems companies, IBM said in a statement.

In a recent study conducted by IBM with more than 3,000 executives from information technology (IT) throughout the world, 75% said mobility solutions such as priority IT investments this year.

The worklight provides industrial mobile applications in different industries, including financial services, retail, technology, tourism and area hospitals. The company develops applications that let you create and format pages in HTML5 run on smartphones and tablets, reducing the time to adapt Web pages for access on mobile devices.

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