Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Society rejects claim against the Oi quality rules on broadband

The public consultation released by Anatel in the last 16.1 days for people to comment on the request of TNL PCS (Oi) the cancellation of obligations under Regulation Quality Management Service Quality Multimedia Communication (RGQ-SCM) received in just seven days, a total of 40 events. Interestingly - most of them,repeated by some users-was discontent. There is, so far, no defense or argumentthat supported the request of the operator.

Discontent is general and not only against the content of the proposed operator.There are also complaints about the services of telephone companies and criticisms to the fact that the Anatel has accepted the Request of Oi, which may delay theeffective date of the goals set for later this year.

"Cancellation of TNL already," he wrote in the last 16 days, the user Dario Peixoto deOliveira Marcos alleging in his justification that this would "right against" it. "I am in favor of minimum standards and minimum quality of service. It is necessary to quality control. The service providers must maintain the minimum quality," opined the same way the user Caetano Lawrence Douglas, on the 17th of this month.

The representative of the "Welfare Institute Brazil," Saldanha Marcelo Rodrigues da Silva, said this Monday, 23/01, that even appears on the Bylaws, the FCC, in itspublic consultation procedure, as the regulator must meet the state's role to ensureessential services' in the public system. "for him," Hi it is playing the role of protecting their goal, which is profit, reducing unnecessary expenses and investments. "

In some cases, more knowledgeable users try to prove that the quality targetsproposed by the Internet itself Anatel - but who now suffer from complaints andrequest for cancellation by the Hi - are within the parameters that govern the international treaties on Human Rights.

"The private regime for the regulation of broadband ADSL or wireless broadband, how it is being regulated is, yes, motivation and addiction addiction purpose, lawenforcement policy by ANATEL aimed at encouraging operators. That saiddemonstrates that the election of Oi, and misleading, inconsistent, aims, if heeded,placing Brazil as the most an international illicit. "

Broadband is a human right protected by the American Convention on Human Rights. So it is incompatible with the principles of mercantilist private regimecurrently in force in Broadband, demanding the immediate passage to the public regime, "he said Ramiro Carlos Rocha Rebouças in his manifestation of 17 days.

The public consultation runs until the 24 days of February 1, 2012. The demonstrations sent a letter to the Anatel should be directed to the address below,up to 18h of the 1st of February 2012. 

Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel)
Consulta Pública nº 2/2012, de 13 de janeiro de 2012
SAUS - Quadra 06 - Bloco F - Térreo - Biblioteca
70070-940 - Brasília - DF

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