Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ZTE and HTC arise as 'interested' in RIM

Research In Motion is not in the immediate shopping list of Samsung Electronics, the manufacturer of BlackBerry but can still attractive to other Asian manufacturers interested in competing smartphones with Android mobile platform, Google, HTC and ZTE among them.

In this Wednesday, 18/01, Samsung said it has no interest in buying RIM or license the use of your operating system, thus denying the rumors that circulated in the market.

The Canadian manufacturer lives today, a delicate moment. Delays in product launches and alert to the harm falls on profit economic balance of the company. But RIM, whose market value is still estimated at over $ 9 billion, it can attract, the second market, Asian manufacturers such as LG Electronics, HTC and ZTE, who have no proprietary platforms, according to a source of a leading Asian handset .

"Because we do not have their own platform (RIM) is an attractive option for study, and we are flexible with respect to any issue," said the source, who has direct knowledge of the subject. Samsung has its own platform, called bada, and wants to strengthen its presence by combining it with a platform developed by chip maker Intel.

"We do not consider buying the company and we are not interested in it (in acquiring RIM)," said James Chung, a Samsung spokesman, adding that the company was not addressed by the Canadian company as an acquisition which has no interest in licensing RIM's mobile platform.

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