Monday, January 30, 2012

Government defers action on cheap mobile phone market

The decision on the regulation for import of handsets low-quality remains undefined. After the meeting of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce (Camex), the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), held on Wednesday, 25 there was no consensus on the rules necessary for the approval of the products purchased abroad.

The federal government wants to hinder the entry of lower-quality items and certify the quality of products before they enter the country. According to the executive secretary of Camex, Emilio Garofalo Son, it is necessary that imported products meet the same standards as domestic products. For this to occur, you need a technical regulation.

"There is no consensus to find a way to do this [technical regulations]. The lack of technical parameters that we approve prevented this [regulation, "Garofalo said Son. The decision was for the next meeting of Camex, scheduled to take place on February 29.

 The idea of the federal government is that the input of the apparatus has been previously certified by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). However, to act as certification, the Anatel should have the authorization approved by the Chamber of Foreign Commerce (Camex).

Currently, the quality ratings of handsets purchased overseas are made after entering Brazil. With the change of the rules, the importer must present the certificate issued by the regulator.

According to Secretary of Foreign Trade ministry, Tatiana term, the changes are intended to certify the quality of mobile devices. "At issue is the reform of this rule, to ensure that imports are approved before internalized in the country," he said.

Abinee, which represents the electronics industry, complains of low production costs in China, made ​​viable by the manufacturers to be installed in the country. In just three years, the Chinese mobile phones, according to data of the entity, have come to dominate a third of the national market.

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