Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3G reached the milestone of 1 billion active connections

The 3G connections surpassed, officially, the mark of 1 billion connections in the world, says a study released by the UMTS Forum, this Monday, 23/01. In practice, this means that 3G connections represent a fifth of all mobile connections in the world - now has about 5 billion active connections involving WCDMA, HPSA / HPSA + and LTE 4G.

Also according to the UMTS Forum, the amount of 1 billion 3G connections include the 50 million signatures in networks TD-SCDMA, the Chinese 3G system, as well as the brand was driven by more than 225 million subscribers in CDMA2000 in Asia en 1 billion mark is also driven by more than 225 million CDMA2000 subscribers in mainly in Asia and North America.

The survey shows nearly 400 3G networks worldwide, the vast majority (over 385) as implemented in HSPA. In addition, about 140 operators use HSPA + and there are approximately 50 operators have with LTE, 4G. The numbers of UMTS Forum, LTE already has about 10 million subscribers.

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