Monday, January 30, 2012

Paul Bernardo recognize poor quality in mobile telephony and Internet

The Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo acknowledged that there are problems in the services provided by mobile operators and is preparing measures to address these deficiencies definitely. "Some carriers sell more services than their networks behave and invest little in improving the infrastructure," said Bernardo, during participation in this Thursday, 26/01, on "Good Day, Minister," the Brazil Communications Company (EBC ), transmitted to the whole country.

The minister said the government prepares a plan to exempt investments in networks and the Anatel must approve later this year, the General Plan Competition (PGMC), which requires, among other things, the sharing of infrastructure among operators. Meanwhile, advises consumers who have problems with mobile network operators to report to the Anatel, the agency responsible for enforcement and punishment to the telcos. "Companies have an obligation to provide the service quality, can not neglect. Fines can be heavy applied in these cases, "he said.


Paul Bernardo also stated that, since joining last year, private operators to the National Broadband Plan (PNBL), the number of mobile Internet users in the country nearly doubled. "Among the new subscribers to the network access plans, 99.8% use mobile connections. Since the increase in the number of people accessing the Internet via wireline connection reached 22%, "he said.

"The trend this year is to increase further. People prefer to have a phone connected to the Internet for access from anywhere, "added the minister. Exactly due to this demand, the government is studying mechanisms for cheaper smartphones and service plans, also said Bernardo. Watch the position of Minister of Communications on mobile phones and service quality

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